The Need for Speed Quiet Book

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Perfect for keeping those little ones entertained at church, in the doctor’s office, traveling in the car–you name it!

If you have young kids that are busy little bodies and need things to keep them quiet then this Quiet Book may be exactly what you are looking for. Not only can this activity book keep them quiet, but it will allow them to learn colors, shapes, numbers, and many familiar transportation themed objects. In this Quiet Book there are 12 pages — 8 activity pages pages and 4 sticker/cutout pages, including:

  • Car Commotion: mixing and matching all sorts of cars.
  • Monster Truck Rally: mixing and matching monster truck tires.
  • License Plate Emotions: matching cars with emotions.
  • Driving: using cars to run all your important errands.
  • Parking Lot: matching cars to their right parking spots.
  • Cho-choo Choose Letters: ordering alphabet letters.
  • Gas Pump: matching gas pumps with cars.

I recommend printing them on cardstock, laminating them and making either a velcro or magnetic Quiet Book out of them. See my video tutorial on YouTube.

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