Fun Games Play-Doh Mat

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Expand play-doh play using these printable activity mats. Play-doh is an excellent sensory activity. It gives tactile feedback, can help soothe, and often includes senses other than touch such as scent. These activity mats were designed to teach colors, shapes, numbers, and other familiar objects while improving fine motor skills.

This Fun Games play-doh mat bundle includes twenty-two different mats:

  • Build a Sand Castle
  • Put Meat on the Grill
  • Put Bubbles in the Fishbowl
  • Put Apples on the Tree
  • Feed the Bunny a Carrot
  • Put Chocolate Chips on the Cookie
  • Make a Pile of Pancakes
  • Put Wiggly Worms in the Dirt
  • Put Legs on the Octopus
  • Give the Boy Glasses and a Mustache
  • Put Candles on the Cake
  • Give the Snowman a Face
  • Give the Sun Rays
  • Give the Crab Legs
  • Roast Yummy Marshmallows
  • Find the Dog Bone!
  • Put Seeds on the Watermelon
  • Make Fish Friends in the Ocean
  • Fill the Bucket with Water Balloons
  • Make Popsicles on the Stick
  • Cotton Candy at the Fair!
  • Pile on the Ice Cream Scoops