Grab It All Kids Combo

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This complete Smart Kid Combo includes 6 Busy Bags, endless Play-Doh Activity Mats, and 7 Quiet Books—total of 80+ activities! 

Busy Bag Smart Kid Combo

  • Scrabble Spelling
  • Animal Matching
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Color Sorting
  • Build a Burger
  • Writing/Tracing Practice
Play-Doh Activity Mats
  • Gary's Gumball Adventure
  • Build a Sand Castle
  • Put Meat on the Grill
  • Put Bubbles in the Fishbowl
  • Put Apples on the Tree
  • Feed the Bunny a Carrot
  • Put Chocolate Chips on the Cookie
  • Make a Pile of Pancakes
  • Put Wiggly Worms in the Dirt
  • Put Legs on the Octopus
  • Give the Boy Glasses and a Mustache
  • Put Candles on the Cake
  • Give the Snowman a Face
  • Give the Sun Rays
  • Give the Crab Legs
  • Roast Yummy Marshmallows
  • Find the Dog Bone!
  • Put Seeds on the Watermelon
  • Make Fish Friends in the Ocean
  • Fill the Bucket with Water Balloons
  • Make Popsicles on the Stick
  • Cotton Candy at the Fair!
  • Pile on the Ice Cream Scoops
  • One Snail Shell
  • Two Car Wheels
  • Three Piggy Bank Coins
  • Four Ice Cream Cherries
  • Five Pizza Pepperonis
  • Six Flower Petals
  • Seven Apples in a Tree
  • Eight Spider Legs
  • Nine Grapes
  • Ten Gum balls
  • and more...

Quiet Book Smart Kid Combo

Zoo Quiet Book 

  • Match where animals live
  • Help the baby animals find their dads
  • Shape matching
  • Mixing and matching
  • Animal jigsaw puzzle
  • Match the animals to their shadows
Princess Quiet Book 
  • Organize shells and starfish (Ariel)
  • Follow each arrow (Merida)
  • Build a dress (Cinderella)
  • Princess jigsaw puzzle
  • Sandwich building (Anna)
  • Match the snowflakes (Elsa)
  • Find the animals (Snow White)
  • Color matching (Rapunzel)
Food Quiet Book 
  • Taco: Stuff the taco
  • Lemonade: Add fruit and ice
  • Fruit: Measure the size of fruit
  • Puzzle: Finish the fruit puzzle
  • Pizza: Make a pizza
  • Sort: Sort vegetables and fruit
  • Donuts: Color coordinate donuts
  • Pairing: Pair famous foods

Farm Life Quiet Book 

  • Build your own farm page
  • Help the mommy animals find their babies
  • Heads and Tails
  • Who am I? (match up the silhouettes with the correct animal)
  • Put together the puzzle (jigsaw puzzle shapes)
  • Match up the correct number of eggs for each numbered Hen
  • Help the mommy duck sort her ducklings from tallest to shortest
  • Match up the tractor tires to the correct color

Dot and Color Quiet Book
  • Ice Cream Toppings
  • Choose a Paint Color
  • Bouquet of Lollipops
  • Build a Caterpillar
  • Decorate a Donut
  • Plant the Flowers
  • Color the Gum Balls
  • Color the Spiders
Bible Quiet Book 
  • Jonah: put Jonah in the belly of the whale!
  • Adam and Eve: Find what’s missing in the garden of Eden.
  • Joseph: Match the colors and shapes on Joseph’s coat
  • Jesus: Help Jesus gather and count his sheep
  • Peter: Help Peter sort his fish into colors
  • Noah: Help the animals onto the ark.
  • Church boy: Help him pick out a tie
Cars Themed Quiet Book 
  • Car Commotion: mixing and matching all sorts of cars;
  • Monster Truck Rally: mixing and matching monster truck tires;
  • License Plate Emotions: matching cars with emotions;
  • Driving: using cars to run all your important errands;
  • Parking Lot: matching cars to their right parking spots;
  • Cho-choo Choose Letters: ordering alphabet letters;
  • Gas Pump: matching gas pumps with cars

I recommend printing them on cardstock, laminating them and making either a velcro or magnetic Quiet Book out of them. See my video tutorial on YouTube.

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