Busy Bag Smart Kid Combo

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Getting all six of our busy bags would normally cost about $18.00, but you can take advantage of this bundle and save over 75% — for a limited time — and get all six items for only $9.99! 

If you have young kids that are busy little bodies and need things to keep them busy and to learn then these kids busy bag opportunities may be exactly what you are looking for. These learning activities are designed to teach important development skills. These busy bags include the following activities:

Scrabble Spelling — This is a great way to teach letters and the sounds letters make. The game is fashioned after scrabble and allows you to build words and sound them out together with your kids. You'll be surprised how quickly kids may read their first word.

Animal Matching — These cards have pictures of animals. The object of this activity is to match the little animal figures to the card. This is a great game to interact with and teach your child. “What sound does that animal make?” “How many letters are in the word goat?” “Which animal runs the fastest?” “Which animal is the smallest?” “What color are the chicks?”

Grocery Shopping — Go shopping for some fresh fruit or vegetables. This game comes with five different grocery lists and a shopping cart. Pick a list and put the correct amount of fruit into the basket. This games teaches number recognition and counting. Again, a great way to engage your child in the learning process.

Color Sorting — The idea of the game is to match the size of colored animals to the dots on the paper strip. It is really fun. Even without the paper, you can line up a particular pattern and have your child duplicate it. The small dots represent small animals and the large dots for the larger animals.

Build a Burger — With this game, first start by picking out a pattern strip (they are all different). Then, beginning from the bottom bun of the burger build up, add each of the condiments and top with the hamburger bun.

Tracing Games — There are two sizes of tracing games. The larger pages are good for beginners, and the shapes and letters are a little bigger. The half-size sheet are fantastic for throwing into any purse or bag. I often take them to the doctor or dentist for waiting room entertainment. These are fantastic learning activities for kids. Some ideas of questions to ask could be: Which number is the number 2? Which letters are in your name?

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