Farm Life Smart Kid Combo

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Interact with your child and teach her/him with this Smart Kid Combo!

This is the perfect Busy Bundle to help kids learn animals, shapes, colors, and motor skills while keeping their minds and hands busy. The bundle includes the Farm Life Quiet Book and Animal Matching Busy Bag — 10 activity pages and 8 accompanying sticker/cutout pages!

  • Build your own farm!
  • What sound does that animal make?
  • Which animal runs the fastest?
  • Help the mommy animals find their babies
  • What color are the chicks?
  • Matching. Heads and Tails. 
  • Who am I? (match up the silhouettes with the correct animal)
  • Put together the puzzle. (jigsaw puzzle shapes)
  • Match up the correct number of eggs for each numbered hen.
  • Help the mommy duck sort her ducklings from tallest to shortest.
  • Match up the tractor tires to the correct color.

I recommend printing them on cardstock, laminating them and making either a velcro or magnetic Quiet Book out of them. See my video tutorial on YouTube.